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Do You Need Justice?  Our Private Prosecution Team Can Help.


Two nights before Christmas and you decide to have your first night out since your baby was born. You and your wife go for a meal and then a drink at the local pub. Making the most of the offer of babysitting and some adult time together.


Towards the end of the evening two men pick on you.  You try to reason with them but a fight develops. You are attacked with a weapon and your injuries are so bad that your wife asks you to cover your face whenever you see your child during her first Christmas because you scare her.


It is all caught on CCTV and the two men are charged, they allege self defence which is plainly not true. You are confident that justice will be done because it is captured on CCTV after all.


The legal system grinds slowly until eventually it reaches a stop on the day of trial. You are approached by a lawyer who works for the CPS.  You have never met her before but you look in her eyes and see resignation.  This fight that means the world to you and your family is just another day’s work for her, and she has made the decision that the case isn’t strong enough to proceed with the trial.  Your attackers walk free.  


Over the following weeks, you complain to the CPS, who look into the decision and accept it was flawed.  The case should not have been dropped.  The trial should have gone ahead.  You should have got justice.  But there is nothing they can do.


There are things you can do, though.


When the legal system fails you, you can turn to Forrest Williams.  


Our specialist team of lawyers and private investigators can take out a private prosecution in your name, allowing you to finally see justice done.


That’s what this man has done.  And in a week’s time, his attackers will appear in Court charged with ABH, facing up to five years’ custody.


It won’t be like last time.




Because this time we are in control and the case will not be dropped. 


Justice will be done.


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You're in safe hands. let us take the lead from here

You're in safe hands

Let us take the lead from here

01623 397 200