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Apprentice of the Year Finalist, Jessica Sadler

Apprentice of the Year Finalist, Jessica Sadler


Forrest Williams are delighted to announce that Jessica Sadler has successfully completed her Apprenticeship.


Jess, who was a finalist for Apprentice of the Year this year, has grown in confidence during her year in the role and has risen to every challenge set for her.  She has impressed us all with her use of initiative, and always goes above and beyond for her team.


It’s not unfamiliar for Jess to be in the office at 7.30am, and she stays until the job is done, never racing off at 5pm on the dot!


She is a friendly, cheerful member of the team who has thrown herself into our team spirit and is keen to join in all of our social gatherings.  She even spent her birthday this year at the cinema with the team instead of with her family and (very understanding!) boyfriend.


We are absolutely delighted to share that Jess is now conducting interviews and the hiring process to find an Apprentice to replace her, and allow her to move into a trainee paralegal role within Forrest Williams.


Jess has a very bright future and we are delighted to help support her learning and development.


Well done, Jess!


You can contact Jess on 0800 1933 999 or on

You're in safe hands. let us take the lead from here

You're in safe hands

Let us take the lead from here

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