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We understand that sometimes the Criminal Justice System, or the police, have let you down and you want justice.

Whether it is because you or your company have been defrauded, you have been assaulted or someone has lied in court about you.

You will probably know that Legal Aid is not available for private prosecutions and you may know that it can be potentially expensive to take out a private prosecution. See our guide to How Much Does a Private Prosecution Cost?

No win no fee arrangements are common for personal injury claims and as Private Prosecution Solicitors we often get asked if we can help on a no win no fee basis.

This type of arrangement is not allowed under the current laws. No criminal cases, either defending or prosecuting, can be paid for on a no win no fee basis.

There are, however, alternative ways to fund private prosecutions. Because there is a strong possibility that you will recover your costs from the court sometimes people are happy to take out a loan to cover the costs until they recover the costs from court. It must be remembered that there is no guarantee that you will recover costs but it is normally the case that reasonable costs are recovered.

In certain cases, you may be able to get external funding for a private prosecution, there are organisations that arrange funding specifically for private prosecutions. Depending on the type of case and costs we may be able to put you in touch with a funder who is able to assist.

There are other ways to reduce or eliminate the costs of a private prosecution, and you can read our guide to 3 ways to Eliminate Costs for Private Prosecutions.

We understand that it is important to you to get justice and we want to help as much as possible.


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