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Effie joined the firm in May 2021 as a criminal defence paralegal and has worked in the legal industry since 2017. She assists the legal team in case preparations. As a paralegal, she finds the diversity in criminal cases interesting and believes there is self – gratification in helping troubled people.


Having read law as a degree in Ghana, Effie moved to the UK in 2019 to expand her legal training and has now been Called to the Bar of England and Wales.


She is providing legal and administrative support for a team of 7 within a busy criminal law practice; she absolutely loves her job and all the experience it brings! She would say that one of her best feelings as a paralegal is seeing a smile on a client’s face and knowing that she helped put that there.


Among other roles she is reviewing and drafting a variety of legal documents needed for the development and proper management of each case.


Effie has a keen interest in philanthropy. She loves fashion and flowers; she considers herself a  flower girl. She also enjoys singing, cooking and having endless conversations with her Ghanaian family.


Quick fire questions

Favourite band / artist: from Maverick City Music to anyone my ear decides to fall in love with

If I didn't work in law I would: be a singer, flower girl and probably your favourite chef

I laugh at: good jokes

I'm scared of: reptiles, particularly snakes!

Meet the rest of us

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You're in safe hands. let us take the lead from here

You're in safe hands

Let us take the lead from here

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