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Excellent client care is vital to us, it’s in our DNA. We understand that good client care starts with good, motivated staff. We realise we cannot ask you to provide excellent client care if we do not treat you well. We set the example. We are a small, close team. Our aim is to provide an environment where everyone can flourish to be the best they can. We provide on the job training, continued education and a supportive, encouraging culture.


What do we stand for?

Client care, client care, client care… This means integrity. It means doing what is best for the client rather than looking at the money we could earn. It means advising a client to plead guilty if they have no defence even if we lose £1000’s in lost fees. It means loyalty, from you and from us. It means knowing we will back you up if you make a decision that a client doesn’t agree with. It means freedom, freedom to charge what you consider appropriate without seeking authority. It means being able to tell the senior partner you have booked him to attend court an hour away, free and he will have to pay his own expenses because the client was a war hero who needed us but couldn’t afford us.


What do we look for?

Passion and a desire to make a difference. You will be working closely, (physically and emotionally), with your colleagues, so you have to be a team player. You have to have a good sense of humour too. You will need to have a willingness to learn, a fascination with the law. We don’t expect you to have knowledge or experience of the law, we can teach you that.


How do we do things?

By making sure you genuinely enjoy coming into work we know that will translate into you giving your best for clients.


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What we offer

A Rewarding Career

A Rewarding Career

A chance to make a real difference in people’s lives.

An Encouraging Environment

An Encouraging Environment

Where everyone is supported to achieve their goals.

Unlimited Paid Holiday

Unlimited Paid Holiday

Yes, really!

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