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Sexual Assault Solicitors

If you are being investigated for, or charged with, sexual assault it is important that you seek legal help from specialist sexual assault solicitors as soon as possible – do not wait to be charged.


Sexual assault
Contrary to Section 3, Sexual Offences Act 2003

This offence is committed when a person intentionally touches another person, when that touching is sexual and the other person does not consent and the defendant does not reasonably believe that they were giving consent.

How Can You Fight A Sexual Assault Allegation?

If you are charged with sexual assault, we will review the evidence against you and hear your side of the story, then advise you whether you should plead guilty or not guilty to this serious sexual offence.

If any of the above factors are not present, you should plead not guilty.  For example, touching of a patient’s breasts by a doctor is usually not sexual assault as the touching is not sexual and is with the patient’s consent.

The usual key issues for cases of sexual assault are sexual intent and consent, and these will need to be considered in detail before you are advised on plea.  Where arguing consent, you will be required to consider the steps you had taken to judge consent, and these steps will help determine how reasonable your belief of consent was.

Generally, this charge should be made for incidents not serious enough to be charged as rape or assault by penetration, and the touching can be with any part of the body, with anything else, and through anything.  Touching of clothes can be sufficient.

The maximum penalty for this offence is 10 years’ imprisonment, so it is vital that you seek help from specialist sexual assault solicitors without delay – do not wait to be charged.


How Can Forrest Williams Help?

Forrest Williams are a specialist sexual offences firm.  Our team of sexual assault solicitors are the experts you need on your side.

We are a private specialist firm renowned for our client care, strong advocacy and expert legal knowledge.

We are a nationwide firm and can represent you in any court or police station. We deal with a lot of cases by phone and email but if you want to come in and see us we can see clients in Birmingham, London and Nottingham.

If your case is too important to risk Legal Aid on, we are the team for you.

With Forrest Williams on your side, you’re in control.  You can depend on us.


We know you will want to discuss this with our sexual assault solicitors.  Call us on 01623 397200 for a free and honest assessment of your chances of success.

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