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False sexual allegations

As Solicitors dealing in False Sexual Allegations we understand the effect these cases can have on you.

Sexual allegations are the worst sort of crime to be accused of and unfortunately it is easy to make a false sexual allegation. There are very rarely any witnesses to these type of complaints and often it will come down to one persons word against another.

The consequences of a false sexual allegation are devastating, the loss to your reputation even if you are found not guilty, the months on bail with bail conditions sometimes keeping families apart, potential social services enquiries. 

If you are then convicted of a false sexual allegation a prison sentence is often the most likely outcome.

In these sort of cases it is vital that you get the best advice from a False Sexual Allegation Solicitor at an early stage. Nothing should be left to chance.


Justice will not happen just because you are innocent.

It is easy to bury your head in the sand and assume that because you are innocent it will all get sorted in the end. The sad reality is that this isn’t the case, we often get called in to advise on an appeal in relation to a false sexual allegation. At that stage it is often too late. To successfully appeal you need to show that either there was something wrong with the trial procedure or that you have fresh evidence. Fresh evidence is evidence that was not available at the original trial, if you had evidence that you chose not to use or it wasn’t followed up by your legal aid lawyer this is not enough. In short it is not easy to appeal to the Court of Appeal so it is important to get it right first time.

Our approach as False Sexual Allegations Solicitors.

We take a different approach to most solicitors, firstly we believe you. We won’t defend you unless we do. It’s that simple, if we don’t believe you we will refuse to take on your case. That means that every case we deal with we put our heart and soul into it. We will fight for you all the way and that starts at the very beginning.

We do everything we can to avoid a case ever getting to court, the jury system is not perfect and if we can get a case dropped before it goes to court then we will. This involves being pro-active and exposing the prosecution weaknesses, if necessary starting at the police station. We have been very successful with this approach. We have persuaded the police to drop false allegations of rape made by two women on two separate occasions against our client, drop charges against another client who went ‘on the run’ for 2 years because he was so scared that he wouldn’t get justice in relation to a false sexual allegation. We have also managed to get a case dropped against a high profile person without any charges and without the press becoming aware of the false allegation.

Our difference is that we start work on your case straight away, we don’t wait until you are charged. We start gathering evidence, taking statements if possible, going through your phone and/or social media to try and find any inconsistencies in relation to the false sexual allegation. We do all of this as soon as possible, we ‘front load’ your case.  That means that we do the work at the beginning. This is something that is not paid for on Legal Aid which is one reason we refuse to do Legal Aid. Some people argue that this may be money wasted because if you just wait for the investigation to finish you may not be charged anyway. Our clients take a different view and want a proactive approach rather then feel like nothing is being done. It may cost more in the long run but we have never heard anyone say that they are going to hire a cheaper lawyer than they can afford, this is not an area where you should be looking to save money.


We can help you regardless of what stage your case is act, whether you want full representation or a second opinion.


We are a nationwide firm and are able to act in all areas of England and Wales. We can see clients face to face in Nottingham, London and Birmingham.


If you are facing a false sexual allegation call us on 01623 397200 for an initial free discussion.





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