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At Forrest Williams, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest levels of skilled legal knowledge and advocacy and extraordinary client care, while fiercely protecting their reputation.


We routinely act for celebrities and business people with public profiles, and understand that an ongoing legal case can potentially ruin not only your reputation but can also damage the reputation of the business you have worked so hard to build or the organisations you are so selflessly devoted to.


Our Reputation Management team are able to advise you on how to handle all stages of the criminal justice process, and on hand to consult whenever needed.


All aspects of our case preparation and management are focused on minimising the chances of your case becoming a story, from our pro-active work to avoid formal charges being brought against you, to our skilled handling of your case while at Court.


Katie Forrest, non-solicitor Director of Forrest Williams says –

Being in the public eye adds another difficulty for a person who finds themselves charged with an offence.  My team are not phased by celebrity status, but immediately get to work understanding what the reputation risks are for that person.  We have assisted actors, sports people, celebrated DJs and musicians, and business people with high profiles.  I remember spending a whole day bolted away in a private conference room at Court with a celebrity football player who was desperate to avoid his case becoming public knowledge.  Through careful liaison throughout the whole day, we managed to avoid any press attention on his case at all.

We are used to protecting clients who may be public figures but, regardless, have a right to a deeply private personal life.  If you find yourself the victim of blackmail or extortion, we can assist.

We are one of very few criminal law firms who are aware of, and cater for, Reputation Management as well as handling the legal process itself.


If you need a specialist firm who can fight for justice for you, while protecting your reputation, call us now on 01623 397200.

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