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Sexual Offence Solicitors

It’s no secret that being investigated for, or charged with, a sexual offence is one of the most traumatic experiences a person can go through. Our specialist sexual offence solicitors understand this. This is why we choose to defend people charged with sex crimes.


We are leading sexual offence lawyers and are proud to offer our expert knowledge and strong advocacy team to assist you.


We do not want to see a single person falsely convicted of an offence as devastating as these.


How Can You Fight A Sexual Offence Allegation?

Sexual offence allegations will often be brought to your attention soon after the alleged incident, unless they are allegations of historic sexual offences which may be made decades after the alleged incident.

If the allegation is being made soon after the alleged incident, you will most likely find out about the allegation from the person making the allegation (the complainant – this person should not be referred to as the ‘victim’ unless you are convicted of the allegation), or the police.

Depending on man power and how serious the allegation is treated, the police may attend your home or work to arrest you, or may contact you by phone to ask you to attend the police station at a convenient time to be interviewed.

It is vital that you seek legal representation from sexual offence solicitors such as Forrest Williams for any police interview.  You will be entitled to free representation in the police station by a duty solicitor but may decide that that is not the level of service you need – you can read about how our private, bespoke police station representation is different.

Following the police station interview, the police will investigate the matter and will usually send their investigative file to the Crown Prosecution Service for a charging decision to be made.  Forrest Williams are the only sexual offence solicitors who are proactive at this early stage, by preparing our own investigative file that tells your side of the story and presenting this to the police to give you the best chance to avoid being charged.

If you are charged with a sexual offence such as rape, sexual assault, assault by penetration, revenge porn or indecent images, you will need to seek help from specialist sexual offence solicitors as soon as possible.

You have the right to plead not guilty to any sexual offence you are charged with, and your sexual offence solicitors will be able to advise you on whether you have a valid defence and how strong that is.  If you do not have a defence, your legal team should be honest about this with you and advise you to plead guilty and have a strong mitigation case prepared to obtain the most lenient sentence.


How Can Forrest Williams Help?

Let’s talk about why you need the best sexual offence solicitors. As soon as you are investigated (not even charged!) for a sexual offence, your reputation, livelihood, personal relationships and future career are all at risk. We have seen people lose careers, marriages, standing in the community and even their lives because of the weight of a sexual offence investigation. We deal with a lot of the case by email and phone but we know people will want to see us face to face and we can see clients in Nottingham, London and Birmingham.

Our specialist team offer a first-class service from the first stages of an investigation right up to your trial.  Our first-class service is not for everyone, however.  We do not offer Legal Aid.  We offer fixed fee packages to match your case, requirements and budget.

You will have a named case worker as your first point of contact and full consistency throughout your case. You will be represented at the hearings by one of our team of specialist barristers, with your case worker present throughout the hearings if requested.


It is vital that you speak to the experts as early as possible. You must not wait and risk making the situation worse.


With Forrest Williams on your side, you’re in control. You can depend on us.



Our clients tend to be:

  • Concerned with results, not cost – you realise that price is not the most important factor in a case this important
  • High-achievers – you don’t work 9-5 and don’t expect your legal team to
  • Relatively unfamiliar with the legal world – this may well be your first offence
  • Forward-thinking – you will want a legal team who you can speak to by telephone, eMail, text message and more.
  • Demanding – with a case this important, you will expect to be involved in the case plan and receive regular updates. You will want your case worker’s personal contact number.
  • Appreciative – you will understand that we are in your corner, fighting for you, and will realise that we are working together
  • Decision-makers – you will be used to responsibility and capable of quick decision-making


It is imperative that you contact us at the earliest possible point.


We know you will want to discuss this with our sexual offence solicitors.  Call us on 01623 397200 for a free and honest assessment of your chances of success.

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