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Assault By Penetration Solicitors

If you are being investigated for, or charged with, assault by penetration it is vital that you seek expert advice from assault by penetration solicitors as soon as possible.


Assault by penetration
Contrary to Section 2, Sexual Offences Act 2003

The offence is committed when a person intentionally penetrates the vagina or anus (not mouth) of the complainant with a part of their body or anything else, when that penetration was sexual, the complainant did not consent to the penetration and the defendant did not reasonably believe that the complainant was consenting.

How Can You Fight An Assault By Penetration Allegation?

If you are charged with assault by penetration, we will hear your side of the story and review the allegation made against you and advise you on whether you should plead guilty or not guilty, as well as making you aware of the strength of any defence you may have.

A key issue for cases of assault by penetration is that of consent, and this will need to be considered in detail before you are advised on plea.  You will be required to consider the steps you had taken to judge consent, and these steps will help determine how reasonable your belief of consent was.

Assault by penetration can be committed against a male or female, and committed by a male or female.

Alternative offences include attempt assault by penetration and sexual assault.

Section 2 of the Sexual Offences Act 2003 is drafted in a wide enough way for penetration by the penis to be included in the charge, but these incidences should be charged as rape.

Assault by penetration is a serious charge carrying a maximum sentence of life imprisonment, it is therefore vital that you seek specialist help from assault by penetration solicitors as soon as possible.  If you are being investigated, do not wait to be charged as vital evidence may be difficult to secure the longer you wait.


How Can Forrest Williams Help?

Forrest Williams are a specialist sexual offence firm.  Our team of assault by penetration solicitors are the experts you need on your side.

We are a private firm and do not offer Legal Aid, meaning we can focus only on clients who realise that the seriousness of their case requires private specialists.

We can help clients in any court or police station in the country and whilst most people prefer to deal with us by phone or email we can see people face to face in Birmingham, London and Nottingham.

As our client, you will have a dedicated case worker focused on your case throughout, as well as expert legal knowledge, specialist representation at your hearings and support throughout.

With Forrest WIlliams on your side, you’re in control.  You can depend on us.


We know you will want to discuss this with our assault by penetration solicitors.  Call us on 01623 397200 for a free and honest assessment of your chances of success.

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