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One of our particular areas of expertise is our range of disability services.

From our ability to navigate all aspects of the law with you in unique ways, through to simply getting simple disabled access into our offices, disability services are something we care deeply about.
We are proud to have be the only Criminal Defence Solicitors in the country to be given the Autism Friendly Award by the National Autistic Society.

Forrest Williams pride ourselves on providing fully inclusive and accessible legal services for people with physical disabilities, learning difficulties, mental health issues and other additional needs.

Our offices are fully accessible with a wheelchair adapted lift available and on-site parking.

All of our team, regardless of role, are trained in providing support to people with all manner of additional needs.

Whether your additional needs mean that you will require additional processing time before answering questions, physical assistance attending our offices or another venue, or any other type of support, we are not only able to provide this but also to anticipate this need and understand it.

We understand how difficult it can be to deal with a person who does not understand your particular needs, and we strive to ensure that you are able to access the criminal justice system in a fair way.

We are also able to identify indicators of undiagnosed mental health issues and additional needs and will sign post you towards specialists to begin the process of formal diagnosis, if appropriate. This can often be helpful in ensuring you are dealt with fairly by the justice system.

We are able to adapt our communication methods to suit your particular requirements and can, for example, provide correspondence in large print, by eMail only, via a nominated third party such as a friend or relative, by phone only, by text/Whatsapp messenger, etc.

While we have considerable training and experience working alongside clients with all manner of additional needs, we understand that every person’s needs are individual and we remain flexible. Every client’s needs are reviewed individually and adaptations made as required for each case.


You can read more about our particular areas of disability expertise by clicking the sections below

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Disability Expertise Services

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