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Cyber Crime Solicitors

Cyber and computer crime is becoming more common. More people are being accused of it, it is a complex area of law and requires not just legal expertise but also computer expertise. Forrest Williams are national Cyber Crime solicitors. We take a comprehensive approach to defending those charged with cyber crime. We will evaluate your case and build a team based on your specific case. Your team will include not just lawyers but also international experts in computer systems.


Cyber-crime includes any criminal conduct involving computers and/or the internet. There are 2 different types of cyber-crime:


Crimes that can be committed only through the computer devices where the crimes both uses and targets computer devices such as –

Illegal access to computer networks, such as hacking. This can be to gather personal data or information or to deface websites. This can be done by in various ways such as Malware (malicious software), viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware or ransomware which spread between computers and interferes with computer operations. This can be to delete file or cause system crashes, but may also be used to steal personal data.


Denial of Service (DOS) or Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) these are used for the disruption or downgrading of computer functionality and network space.

Denial-of-service (DoS) is where an attempt is made to prevent legitimate users from accessing information or services.

Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) is an attack that floods the bandwith or resources. Such as sending massive amount of requests so that the website or server can’t cope and crashes.


These offences can be prosecuted under the Misuse of Computers Act –


View Misuse of Computers Act


Section 1 – unauthorised access to computer material. There has to be knowledge on the part of the offender that the access is unauthorised; it is not enough to be  reckless. There also must have been an intention to access a program or data held in a computer.


Section 2 – unauthorised access with intent to commit or facilitate commission of further offences.


Section 3 – unauthorised acts with intent to impair the operation of a computer. The offence is committed if the person behaves recklessly as to whether the act will impair, prevent access to or hinder the operations of a computer. This would be used for cases involving distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS).


Section 3ZA – Unauthorised acts causing, or creating risk of, serious damage, for example, to human welfare, the environment, economy or national security. This section is aimed at those who seek to attack the critical national infrastructure


Cyber-enabled crimes

This is where traditional crimes are committed using computers or computer networks such as Fraud and theft. Other offences include –


Cyber piracy, counterfeiting and forgery

Selling illegal items online.

Malicious and offensive communications, including:

  • Communications sent via social media
  • Cyber bullying / Trolling

Revenge Porn

Cyber stalking and harassment

Child sexual offences and indecent images of children, including online grooming.

Extreme pornography, obscene publications and prohibited images, including

Electronic financial frauds, for example, online banking frauds.


Offering items for sale that do not exist or are not provided.


Selling fake tickets


Phishing scams such as sending fake emails to ask for personal


Pharming, ie directing to a fake website with a request to input personal details


Online romance/dating frauds.



How We Can Help

Whatever the stage or your case we can help. Whether you have been told you will be investigated, have been interviewed or even charged. The sooner we start to help you the better. We know that you will want to discuss this matter with us before making any decisions, we can discuss your case over the phone initially or arrange for you to come in and see us.


We will set out your case in detail, advise you of any defences. We appreciate you will want to know how much this will cost. We are not a Legal Aid firm, we work on a private paying basis and will always give you a fixed fee before you commit yourself.

If you want to discuss a cyber-crime matter with us call free on 01623 397200.

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