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We understand that being accused of a crime is life changing.


We are specialist Criminal Defence Solicitors. We do things differently than most firms.


We are not a Legal Aid practice that deals with large volumes of small cases. We have deliberately chosen not to do Legal Aid. We focus on few clients with bigger cases.


We understand that you may never have been in trouble before. You want support through the process, you want someone who is in your corner 24/7. You want to know that we care, genuinely care.


You may have come to this page because you already have a Legal Aid lawyer and are not getting the service you want. You may have been told that there is nothing that can be done at a particular stage. That’s not good enough for you, this case may be the only thing you think about every day. It’s not just another case to you and it won’t be just another case to us.


Every client is important to us. To the extent that we pick our clients. If we don’t think it is a case we could throw ourselves into 100% we won’t take it on. If we don’t believe your version of events we won’t act for you.


We understand that it feels as if no one is listening to you, the complainant is setting the agenda of the case. It is easy to feel powerless.

“I have been working with Forrest Williams for over 4 years now. This is a firm that truly cares about its clients, as demonstrated by their practice of instructing a barrister with a skills-set specifically designed to meet their clients’ individual needs. Forrest Williams are not only a forward-thinking business, but also the friendliest and most approachable team I have worked with.”
Emma Shafton – Barrister

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