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Possession of Drugs Solicitors secure caution for client caught with cocaine.  We are specialist possession of drugs solicitors.  If you are being investigated for, or charged with, any drugs offence, call our expert team now on 01623 600645.


Stuart came to us as a man who didn’t know what his future held.


He had enjoyed a night out with some friends in Mansfield, and then he was suddenly worrying about losing everything he had worked so hard for.


Stuart had met up with his cousin, Billy, and the two of them had then joined Billy’s friends in town later on that evening.

Billy was a known drug user in the family, where-as Stuart was the complete opposite. Stuart had broken free from the drugs scene, and was settled down in Nottingham with a stable job and his loving fiancée.

Stuart had never taken drugs before in his life. And it wasn’t really something that appealed to him. However, on this night Stuart had drank more than what he usually had and so when Billy’s friends were passing around a small bag of cocaine, Stuart took his turn.


Shortly after this, Stuart and Billy separated from the larger group and went off on their own into a few more different bars. When they had separated Billy, had the bag of cocaine in his possession. The two of them then went into the toilets where Billy handed the bag to Stuart shortly before the doorman confronted the pair.

Stuart panicked when he was given the bag and put it inside his shoe.


The pair were escorted downstairs, where they were searched and the police were called. The bag of cocaine was confiscated from him, and the police arrested him on suspicion of possession of drugs and re-bailed him to attend Mansfield Police Station a week later for interview.


Stuart had never been in trouble before so the whole process was completely new to him.


Stuart called our possession of drugs solicitors initially just wanting to know what was going to happen.

We explained the process of how he could have a duty solicitor on the day of his interview and they would attend and go straight in with him. This made Stuart quite nervous, this person who he would be relying upon completely would know nothing about the case or him before they went in for interview.


This is when we explained the alternate option. Stuart could appoint our specialist possession of drugs solicitors who would start working on his case straight away, contacting the Officer in Charge, taking a full statement from him, and arranging and briefing one of our representatives to attend with him at the interview.


Stuart went ahead with Forrest Williams.


One hour after instructions we had taken a full statement from him, and had arranged for our Senior Solicitor, Steve Williams, to represent him at the Police Station. Stuart’s caseworker then spent the rest of the afternoon contacting the Police Station and the Officer in Charge obtaining initial disclosure and details of the Interview.


Stuart was given the mobile number of both his Caseworker, and Steve Williams, in case he needed to speak to either of them.

Stuart attended the police station, where Steve met with him having already been fully briefed, and having already obtained and reviewed disclosure from the Officer in Charge.


Stuart’s case was dealt with by way of a caution which was of great relief to Stuart who absolutely dreaded the idea of going to court and having a criminal conviction on his record for this one mistake.


If you are being investigated for, or charged with, any drugs offence, our specialist possession of drugs solicitors are the experts you need on your side.  Call us now on 01623 600645.

You're in safe hands. let us take the lead from here

You're in safe hands

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