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Football Banning Orders and the 2020 UEFA European Championship

While a football banning order is a civil order, it can have criminal consequences if the order is breached. 

If you are subject to a football banning order it’s important that you remain aware of restrictions that may be placed on you so that you do not breach the order.

The Football Spectators (2020 UEFA European Championship Control Period) Order 2020 is relevant. The Order specifies the control period under the Football Spectators Act 1989 for the 2020 UEFA European Football Championship final tournament.

The control period begins on 7 June 2020, five days before the first match in the tournament, and ends when the last match played outside the United Kingdom in the tournament is finished or cancelled. Currently, the last match outside the United Kingdom is due to be played on 4 July 2020. 

Individuals subject to a banning order may be required to surrender their passports during the control period. 

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