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Do penalty points affect your insurance?

Yes. You will see an increase in your insurance following any penalty points or driving disqualifications.

Figures released by Admiral suggest that, on average, receiving three penalty points on your licence will lead to an insurance increase of 23%, while receiving seven or more points will lead to an insurance increase of around 75%. 

Do you have to declare penalty points to insurers?

Yes, you have a duty to disclose this information to your insurers.

What is the most common motoring offence?

This would be the SP30, which is speeding on a public road (not a motorway). 

There are around 150,000 instances of this each year. 

How can you avoid penalty points?

There are several things you can do to avoid penalty points on your licence:

  • Drive carefully. In particular, be aware of the speed limit at all times, and don’t use your mobile phone while driving. These are some of the most common ways that drivers find themselves receiving penalty points.
  • Consider fitting a black box, a speed limiter, or other such tools to aid with your driving.
  • If you are offered a speed awareness course, this is instead of points or a discretionary ban being imposed. Accept this if you are offered! You will have to pay for the course yourself, but it is worth the cost and many people find these courses very interesting and valuable. 
  • Fight the case if you are not guilty. You can represent yourself in court for your trial, but we would recommend that you seek specialist legal advice and representation instead of going it alone. If you are found not guilty, no penalty will be imposed.


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