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Northamptonshire Police’s Operation Antigua is an investigation focused on alleged sexual abuse of young people that occurred between 2006 and 2016 and originated from the Abington Street statue where young people gather. 

The investigation was launched in June 2020 and remains ongoing, with Northamptonshire Police telling potential complainants:

We will believe you.
~ Northamptonshire Police (to potential complainants, NOT to you!)

While at least one person, Cuneyt Yildirim, has pleaded guilty to offences including rape, sexual activity with a child, causing a child to engage in sexual activity and meeting a child following sexual grooming, it is dangerous to assume that all people investigated and charged as a result of Operation Antigua will be guilty. 

Operation Antigua, led by Detective Chief Inspector Adam Pendlebury, was launched following a spate of social media posts that saw many people share their experiences at the well-known statue of a boy and girl playing. 

Here at Forrest Williams, we are passionate about defending people from false sexual allegations and we are particularly concerned by any evidence that the police are assuming people to be guilty. 

Let us remember that all people under investigation are presumed innocent until proven guilty. 

If you find yourself investigated or charged as a result of Operation Antigua or any other investigation, we can help. 

It is vital that you have specialist sexual defence solicitors on your side.

Because if the police have already decided they will believe any person who makes an allegation, what confidence does that give you in your case being investigated fairly?
~ Forrest Williams Legal Ltd

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