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Police were given extended stop and search powers on Bradford’s Holme Wood estate. 

This order was due to be reviewed on 15 July 2022, and was allowed in order to tackle gangs on the estate following a situation on Sandmede Close on 14 July 2022. 

Under the order, officers were able to search people and vehicles for offensive weapons without having reasonable grounds to do so. 

Section 60 orders of this type have long been considered to be controversial as many believe they unfairly target people from ethnic minorities. Almost 18,000 Section 60 stop and searches were carried out, mostly in London, in the year up to March 2020. A quarter of those searched were black people, and only 4% of searches led to the arrest.

This Holme Wood estate order covered Tong Street, Westgate Hill Street, New Lane, Raikes Lane, Holme Lane, Ned Lane, Tyersal Lane, Parsonage Road, Dick Lane, Cutler Heights Lane and Sticker Lane.

If you feel that you have been affected by this order, or need help for an ongoing criminal case against you, please call our office on 01623 397200.


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