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Sammy’s Law Backed By Police Chiefs

The campaign by Sammy Woodhouse, a victim of child grooming, to give sexual abuse victims protection against and pardon for crimes committed whilst being groomed has been backed by police chiefs and others.

Sammy's Law


Sammy’s Law would:

“not only encourage others to come forward and report abuse but it will enable survivors of CSE [child sexual exploitation] to finally move forward and have a future.”

The South Yorkshire police chief constable, Stephen Watson, and the area’s police and crime commissioner, Dr Alan Billings, said:

“We believe that the concept of Sammy’s Law would provide vital reassurance to victims and survivors that the abuse they suffered in the past will not continue to impact their future.”

The campaign is driven by Ms Woodhouse’s own criminal record from offences she committed whilst being groomed.  As a 14 year old, she was coerced into committing offences including assault and possessing an offensive weapon by a gang leader who has since been jailed for abusing her.

While he has been prosecuted and convicted, however, Ms Woodhouse’s criminal record remains – and for her to put her convictions into context for prospective employers or others, she must explain her abuse, placing her in an extremely upsetting position.

While Ms Woodhouse has bravely chosen to take a stand, many victims wish never to speak of the abuse they have suffered, and it must be right that their right to silence be protected as far as possible.

The Home Office has acknowledged Ms Woodhouse’s strength and courage in speaking out and fighting for assistance for other victims of sexual abuse, and will respond to her directly.

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