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As Private Prosecution Solicitors we aim to bring you Justice…

More and more people are finding it hard to get justice. Whether you have been a victim of an assault that the police refuse to prosecute or a company that has been defrauded whilst the fraudster appears immune to any action Private Prosecution Solicitors can help.

There are a number of reasons why matters are not prosecuted, most commonly it is down to resources. The police and the prosecution are stretched and are not able to prosecute every case that comes before them. They have to pick and choose which cases to prosecute. That is not fair if it is your case that is not prosecuted. You want justice to be done, you want the person who has harmed you or stolen from you to be punished. It’s not even always about compensation, often it is about what is right and fair.

At Private Prosecution Solicitors we want to show you a way that you can take the matter to court without the help of the police or the prosecution. We have built up a reputation as being tough fighters who are not scared of upsetting people to get what our clients deserve.

We have a full team ready to fight for you, our team consists of a full squad of ex detectives with experience in all major crime investigations. This team includes some of the former highest ranking officers in the country who are used to building a team to get to the truth. They relish the opportunity to do their job like they used in the old days before they were held back by budgets. Whether it is taking witness statements and scouring evidence to build a case for assault or sexual abuse or digging through thousands of documents to prove a fraud these are simply the best in the business in building a strong Private Criminal Prosecution.

On the legal side we are headed by one of the leading Private Prosecutions solicitors in the country who will guide the team through the legal aspects of the case to make sure the case is watertight. You will also be confident in the service you get from Private Prosecution Solicitors Forrest Williams. We are a multi national award winning firm recognised by the prestigious Legal 500 as one of the best firms around. We run Private Prosecution cases the way all prosecutions should be run – with a dedicated team working closely together to get you justice. You will get personal service and will be keep informed every step of the way.


Apart from the strong team supporting you there are a number of advantages of taking a Private Prosecution.-

  1. Costs. You are able to claim your costs back from the court, whether you win, lose or withdraw the proceedings. Your costs will be assessed by the court and a ‘reasonable’ amount will be paid. Our team of accountants will present your claim to ensure you recover as much as possible of your costs.
  2. Speed. Unlike civil proceedings these matters can be brought to court very quickly. There are no lengthy pre trial hearings, it is fast tracked to trial.
  3. Opponents costs. Unlike other proceedings you will generally not have to pay the other sides costs if you lose.
  4. A private prosecutor does not pay a fee analogous to that imposed by the civil claims regime (claims of over £10, 000 a court fee of 5% of the value of the claim is payable, up to a maximum of £10, 000 (for claims of £200 000 and over).
  5. A private prosecutor, unlike in civil litigation does not provide security for costs to an accused.
  6. A private prosecutor may apply to the court for an award of costs against the accused incurred in the proceedings including those at the investigation stage and in the proceedings (s.18 Prosecution of Offences Act 1985).
  7. You can apply for a pre charge asset freezing “Restraint Order”.
  8. You can apply for a confiscation and/or compensation order on conviction, if the defendant fails to pay they can be sent to prison. Also orders in other jurisdictions can be enforced.

We offer an initial assessment of your case and will advise you of the prospects of success, what work we will be able to do for you and the likely costs. We cover the whole of England and Wales and can see clients in Nottingham, Birmingham or London.

Other than minor offences most cases can be brought to court many years after the incident.

If you have been a victim of an offence, regardless of how long ago it happened call us now on 01623 397200 to see how we can help you.

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