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Steve is a solicitor with over 30 years’ experience, and is a specialist criminal defence lawyer. He is renowned for his in-depth knowledge and strong advocacy skills.


Steve has appeared in over 200 courts across England and Wales and was one of the first solicitors to qualify for Higher Rights of Audience, allowing him to appear in all Higher Courts and not just magistrates courts. He has extensive experience in all criminal matters ranging from initial interviews at police stations to Crown Court trials.


He is experienced in Courts Martials and has a vast specialist knowledge of motoring law, including technical defences.


Steve began Forrest Williams in 2009 and is incredibly proud of the ethos of his team and the work that the firm conduct.


“I believe that an understanding of the law is secondary to an understanding of the client. I make sure that I never forget how scary the Justice system can be, especially to people like most of our clients that have never come into contact with it before. My first goal with any client is to put them at ease as soon as possible. I like to think I am very down to earth and can connect with most people. I want to make sure that after our first meeting the client feels comfortable and knows what is going to happen with their case. Often these days the first time I meet the client is at court and I will take as much time as needed to make sure they are as prepared for court as possible. I want to make sure the client knows I am completely on their side. I can’t imagine ever wanting to retire from this job, after over 30 years I still enjoy it and would not want to do any other job”


Away from work, Steve is a married, frustrated Birmingham City fan and father of two daughters. He enjoys travel, playing the guitar and tasting various Whiskies. 

Quick fire questions

Favourite band / artist: Led Zeppelin.

If I didn't work in law I would: Become a rock guitarist.

I laugh at: Corny jokes, especially mine.

I'm scared of: Snakes.

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You're in safe hands. let us take the lead from here

You're in safe hands

Let us take the lead from here

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