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Oliver woke up in hospital to a police doctor taking a sample of blood. He had no recollection of what had happened and how he’d got there.

It transpired that Oliver had been arrested for drink driving and driving without due care and attention, after being found behind the wheel of his crashed car which was located in a field off a main road.

Oliver called our drink driving solicitors once the police advised that his blood reading was below the legal limit for alcohol and they had sent off for a back calculation report.

We advised Oliver that at this stage he had not been charged so we would be unable to review the prosecution papers, but as pro-active drink driving solicitors we could work together in the meantime with a view to building a case once we were in receipt of these papers.

We were able to review Oliver’s papers before his initial hearing, and it was decided together that Oliver would plead guilty to the offences. Oliver was confident that this would be in his best interests.

Oliver arrived at court and met with his barrister for a private conference before going into the courtroom to enter his pleas. Fortunately for Oliver, Forrest Williams only worked with a small selection of hand-picked barristers who we know will do everything for our clients: his barrister agreed with the prosecutor before going into court that if Oliver pleaded guilty to the drink driving charge, the driving without due care and attention charge would be dropped.

Oliver was already happy with how the matter was proceeding, and he hadn’t yet entered the courtroom!

Oliver pleaded guilty to drink driving. His barrister’s strong mitigation paired with Oliver’s case file prepared by Forrest Williams meant that he was awarded a lenient disqualification and offered a place on the Drink Drive Rehabilitation Course to reduce this disqualification further.

Oliver’s feedback was that he would not hesitate to recommend Forrest Williams to anyone he knew, which we were very pleased to hear.

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You're in safe hands

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