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Forrest Williams are specialist drug driving lawyers.  Our specialist team of drug driving lawyers are the leading experts in the new drug driving law.  If you are charged with this offence, call us now on 01623 600645.  We are a private, specialist firm helping people across England and Wales.


Lucas came to us devastated after losing his contract as a Doctor in a local hospital.


Lucas had been charged with Drug Driving, and the Police had gone directly to the hospital and informed them of this, causing Lucas to lose the job he loved.


Lucas gave a positive sample for Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the active chemical in Cannabis. The legal limit for this drug is 2 micrograms. Lucas’ reading was 2.1 micrograms.


Drug Driving is a new law that has a zero tolerance approach to drugs.


Lucas accepted that he had smoked cannabis the day before. However, due to the amount that he had smoked and the time that had passed Lucas did not expect to be over the legal limit.


Given this, and how close he was to the legal limit, Lucas decided to plead Not Guilty and instructed our specialist drug driving lawyers to prepare his case.


Lucas’ defence was namely that because Drug Driving is such a new law, there hadn’t been sufficient time to train Police Forces on how to carry out the procedure correctly and so there were mistakes being made which questioned the validity of the blood samples, meaning that Lucas had a chance of actually being under the legal limit and being found Not Guilty of the offence.


Our specialist drug driving lawyers represented Lucas at the first hearing, entered his Not Guilty Plea and informed the court of the basis of his defence.


We liaised directly with one of our independent toxicology experts and gathered a list of the evidence that we required in order to thoroughly review the case and identify whether any mistakes were made within the procedure.


Our drug driving lawyers spent the next two months liaising intensively with the Crown Prosecution Service.


After months of tireless proactive work, we received a letter from the Senior Crown Prosecutor.


The prosecution were unable to provide us with the evidence we had requested and therefore at the present time there was insufficient evidence to provide a realistic chance of conviction and the charge had been withdrawn against him.


This meant that after months of worrying by the client, and months of actively working on Lucas’ case by us, the matter was finished. Lucas did not need to attend court and he could put this unfortunate incident behind him and move on with his life.


Lucas was a normal person who had been caught by a very harsh new law which aimed to catch people who were constantly out driving whilst over the legal limit, not people like Lucas who had a professional job, was not a frequent drug user, and genuinely thought that he would have been under the legal limit.


If you are being investigated for, or charged with, this offence, call our specialist drug driving lawyers now for expert advice on 01623 600645.

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