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Billy never planned to find himself charged with fail to stop and drink driving.  Billy was driving to work after a restless night. He had moved 110 miles away from his family and friends in order to pursue his dreams of working as an engineering technician for BMW.

Although Billy loved the job, the upheaval of moving away from his family and the pressures of a new job meant he was struggling to sleep.

On this particular evening Billy decided that in order to help him sleep he would walk to the pub and have a few beers in order to help him settle. He came home from the pub at around midnight and was up and on the road to work at 5am.

On the journey to work, Billy was driving his usual commute and clipped another car on a dual carriageway. Billy pulled over onto the hard shoulder and put his hazards on, and then panicked once he realised that his drinking the night before probably meant he wasn’t quite yet under the limit.

Billy looked on his phone for the nearest service station: his intention was to walk there, have something to eat and drink to calm himself after the collision, and then continue his commute.

When walking to the service station Billy was stopped and questioned by the police regarding the collision. Billy was compliant and co-operated with the police when he was taken to the police station, and then charged with drink driving and fail to stop.

The sentencing guidelines for Billy’s alcohol reading showed he would look to be disqualified for 17-22 months for the drink driving charge, and a further disqualification or points on his licence for the offence of fail to stop.

Billy called Forrest Williams and managed to secure our experienced motoring solicitor, Steve Williams, to represent him at his hearing.

Billy’s remorse and our strong mitigation in court resulted in an 18-month disqualification for drink driving, and there was no separate penalty imposed for the offence of fail to stop.

Billy was understandably upset at bringing himself before the courts, but felt extreme relief at having such friendly and helpful legal representation on his side, when he was so far away from his family and friends.

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