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Our fraud solicitors understand how important it is to be pro-active and fight any allegations of fraud head on instead of waiting for a formal charge to be laid against you.  If you are being investigated for fraud, now is the time to speak to our fraud solicitors.

One short email can change a person’s life.

This week we had the pleasure of informing one of our long-standing clients that the police investigations into allegations of fraud had ended and that no further action would be taken against her.

In truth, behind the email was over eight months of liaison, which included representations to the police on behalf of our client.

During this period, Jenny Barker became so ill with stress and anxiety that she could not continue to work as an Accountant.

She was so worried about the police investigation into her misuse of a high street store’s staff discount card (from when she used to work there) that she told our fraud solicitors that she was barely able to function in her day to day life.

With Jenny’s permission, we spoke with her father about the case. (It is not unusual for Forrest Williams to offer this extended support, as we understand that the issues affecting our client often cause concern for family members.) Jenny’s case worker became the day to day contact for both herself, and her father, during the long and difficult months of the fraud investigations.

When Jenny attended the police station for interview, we were able to ensure that she was accompanied by an accredited police station representative whom we could vouch for, as we had worked with this professional many times before. Although nervous, Jenny was somewhat reassured by this information and told us she felt as if she was in ‘good hands’.

One of the most upsetting things which Jenny experienced was the seizing of several items she owned, including her personal laptop, and also an expensive item of jewellery which actually belonged to her sister.

Once Jenny had made our fraud solicitors aware of the seizure of a valuable item which did not belong to her, we were able to liaise with the police to ensure that, following provision of proof of purchase, the item was eliminated from the police investigation and returned to its rightful owner.

After a period of several months during which we liaised with the officer in the case, and made representations on our client’s behalf, we were thrilled to be able to inform Jenny that a decision had been made not to prosecute her.

She was able to collect her belongings from the police station and, we trust, to start to draw a line under what had happened.

Jenny told us that she accepted she had misused the high street store’s staff discount card but that she had not done do in a systematic way, or with any intention to profit from so doing. She said she had learned a lesson from the experience and that she now wanted to rebuild her confidence, return to work and live her life without the worry of a possible prosecution for fraud hanging over her head.

She said she was very thankful for all the assistance she had received from Forrest Williams at a very difficult and low point in her life.

If you are being investigated for fraud, call our fraud solicitors now on 0800 1933 999.

You're in safe hands. let us take the lead from here

You're in safe hands

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