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Paul came to us after he had been arrested and interviewed at the Police Station regarding a possible charge of s.20 GBH.


Paul had been represented by the duty solicitor at the Police Station, however once he returned home he struggled to ever actually speak to his legal team!  We hear this frequently and were able to assure Paul that our GBH solicitors would be accessible to him.


Paul quickly realised that he needed more support than the service he was receiving.  This was Paul’s first experience of the legal system. The whole experience was alien to him, he had no idea what to expect next, what he should be doing, and just really needed somebody to take the time to listen to his side of the story and explain what was going to happen.


Paul instructed us with a simple aim in mind. He did not want to have to go court for this offence that he simply did not commit.


As soon as we were instructed we took a full statement from Paul, where he told us everything he wanted us to know. We reviewed all of the documents that Paul believed were relevant to the case.


We then did something that no other legal firm does. We didn’t just sit on this information and wait to see if the Police were going to charge him with an offence. We were pro-active.


We started writing to the Police and obtained initial disclosure from them.


We then sent across our formal legal representations to the Officer in Charge of Paul’s case, and instructed that he forward these representations to the Crown Prosecution Service when he passes the police file over.


We then worked closely with the Officer in Charge to make sure that they had all of the information and documentation they needed to make the correct decision.


Paul was finally contacted by the Officer in Charge of his case and told the good news.


No further action was going to be taken against him.


Paul was immediately on the phone to his caseworker to share the good news!


Paul was thrilled that because he had been pro-active he had avoided the need of having to go to Court and stand through a trial.  The representations from our GBH solicitors had avoided Paul ever being charged with this serious offence.


After the news had started to sink in, Paul had this to say:


“Thank you so so so much for everything. I can’t thank you and everyone enough.
You’ve helped me out so much. Not just with the work. But with the support. And kind words. X”  


If you are being investigated for, or charged with, this offence, call our GBH solicitors now on 0800 1933 999.


You're in safe hands. let us take the lead from here

You're in safe hands

Let us take the lead from here

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