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Lewis came to us facing a 6 month ban after being caught speeding for the second time within 3 years.

The big problem that Lewis faced was that he was already on 6 points, and because his recorded speed was 103mph in a 70mph zone, he was at risk of being given 6 points and therefore in a totting up position facing a 6 month ban.

Lewis could not be disqualified from driving for 6 months. The effects it would have on him and others around him would just be catastrophic. We explained to Lewis that what he needed to do was prepare for an Exceptional Hardship application, with the aim that we either avoid him having 6 points on his licence, and get him a short ban instead, or he still gets the 6 points put on his licence but he avoids the 6 month ban.

Lewis’ main grounds to avoid this disqualification was that he was a shareholder in two companies which were fully reliant on him having his driving licence and being able to go to different sites. Lewis was also the breadwinner for his family, and the sole driver. If Lewis was disqualified for 6 months then his family would be drastically affected, and there was the potential risk to his employees that they might lose their jobs.

We started preparing Lewis’s case before he had even received a court date because we knew just how much this meant to him.

Because Lewis had instructed us so early on we were able to prepare him the strongest case possible. We had also managed to secure Lewis’ case in our solicitor, Steve Williams’, diary. Steve has over 25 years’ experience doing these types of cases so was really the best person to fight for him to court.

By time the court date came, months after instruction, we had every piece of preparation possible, and Steve was ready to fight for Lewis in Court.

Steve attended Mansfield Magistrates Court early and had a full conference with Lewis. Then they were called into court.

Following Steve’s powerful mitigation, the bench retired and returned with their verdict.

Lewis was given a 7-day disqualification!

This was an absolutely amazing result for him. Lewis could happily manage 7 days without driving, and this meant that he still only had his 6 points on his licence so there was not as much pressure on him to receive no more points and be in the same situation again!

If you need to protect your licence from a 6 month ban, get the experts on your side by calling Forrest Williams now on 01623 397200.

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You're in safe hands

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