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How A Diagnosis of Autism Helped a Jury Clear a Client Charged With Sexual Offences.

We feel very strongly about people wrongly accused of sexual offences. It is the worst thing to be accused of and can be hard to defend.

We spent the early part of this year in a cold court in Birmingham representing someone charged with numerous allegations of sexual touching.

Our client was a very friendly, emotional and tactile man who liked to hug people and show his love. When he was accused by family members of being sexually inappropriate with them his world fell apart. He started questioning everything he did.

We are the only Autism Friendly Criminal Defence Solicitors in the country according to the award given to us by the National Autistic Society. This means that not only are we able to help people with autism but we are able to recognise it before people have been diagnosed.

In this case we felt it would be beneficial to our client to be assessed by an expert. Thankfully as a private funded firm we are not bound by the Legal Aid restrictions and were able to do whatever was best for our client without having to justify it to a government body. 

The expert agreed with us and diagnosed our client with autism. He was able then to advise the court what steps should be taken to help our client give evidence. The expert came to court and gave evidence to explain our clients actions and put them into context. He was able to explain that our client had no intention to behave inappropriately and that it was just his way of showing affection.

It also meant that our client was able to stop beating himself up and realise he had done nothing wrong. Thankfully the jury felt the same and found him not guilty of all charges, even taking the time to reassure him and to tell him to keep cuddling his daughter and be the amazing loving father they believed him to be.

The amazing team work meant that his family was kept together and he kept his good character.

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