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Counterfeit Goods Lawyer Secures Caution For Client

Jane owns a small boutique selling handmade jewellery items. She has owned this shop for over 15 years and whilst it is only a small shop; the business has kept open for a considerable amount of time.

In the run up to Christmas, Jane’s sales usually begin to increase. Unfortunately, last year that was not the case.

One day a man she had not met before came into her shop offering counterfeit items for sale, such as designer belts and purses, etc. Jane purchased a few items for herself and some friends for Christmas.

A few days later a customer entered the shop but rather than purchase her jewellery, she asked if the designer purse on the counter top was for sale. Jane advised it was hers personally and so wasn’t available to purchase. The lady left without buying anything.

When the gentleman returned at a later date offering further counterfeit items for sale, Jane foolishly agreed to take some stock to sell in the shop, as her business at the time was very slow. Jane knew these items weren’t genuine.

Whilst customers were perusing the designer items available to purchase, the original lady enquiring about Jane’s purse re-entered the boutique and identified herself as a Trading Standards Officer and seized all of the counterfeit items for sale.

Jane received a letter in due course from Trading Standards inviting her for an interview under caution because of this fraudulent activity. She knew she would need legal representation at this interview and called Forrest Williams to seek help from a counterfeit goods lawyer.

We happily took the case on and arranged an interview in a timely manner which suited the Trading Standards Officer, Jane and our hand-picked counterfeit goods lawyer.

Jane could not express her genuine remorse enough, and we promised we’d do everything we could to help her.

At the interview Jane became overwhelmed and although she had previously expressed to us that this was the only time she had possessed counterfeit goods, she forgot to mention this during her interview. Thankfully, her Forrest Williams legal representative was proactive enough to pause the interview and remind Jane of the information she had provided to us in her statement, which was given when she wasn’t under the pressure of an unfamiliar scenario.

You would not get the opportunity, when instructing Legal Aid representation at an interview under caution, to provide your full account prior to your interview date when you are at home in a safe and familiar surrounding where you can think clearly.

The information Jane had managed to provide due to Forrest Williams’ quick thinking resulted in the matter concluding with a caution, rather than the matter proceeding to court.

Trading Standards advised

“although I have concluded there are sufficient grounds to institute legal proceedings, I am on this occasion proposing to issue a caution in respect of these allegations”.

Jane was elated that she had managed to avoid having the matter taken to court; she had clearly learnt from her mistake. Her feedback was short but sweet:

“thank you so much!”.

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