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Julia Coffin of Forrest Williams

Feedback For Exceptional Hardship Application

Mr B. was recently represented at Mansfield Magistrates Court for an Exceptional Hardship application.  He was at risk of losing his licence for 6 months after reaching 12 points on his driving licence. 

The law states that if a person reaches 12 active points on their driving licence within a three year period, running from dates of offence and not dates of conviction, they will fall to be disqualified from driving for a 6 month period.  The only way of avoiding this punishment is to successfully argue Exceptional Hardship, a difficult application that involves convincing the court that hardship of an exceptional nature would be suffered by you or other people if you were disqualified for that period.  Exceptional Hardship is often based on financial grounds due to loss of licence leading to loss of job, but there is no black and white list of what counts as Exceptional Hardship and what doesn’t.  Here at Forrest Williams we have prepared successful Exceptional Hardship cases on many varied grounds.

His caseworker was Julia Coffin (pictured) and his advocate was Steve Williams.

His application was successful, allowing him to avoid the totting up ban.

He sent feedback as follows:

“The service was first class, very informative and professional.  Kept me informed about my case and exactly what information I needed and how well prepped for Court.  I am extremely happy with the representation, very professional and made me feel at ease when going into Court.  I’m very happy with the outcome.”

When asked if he had any suggestions for how we could improve our service in the future, Mr B. said:

“Don’t think so, as far as I am concerned it’s perfect for me the service you provided.”

We are always delighted to receive honest feedback from our clients.

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