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Forrest Williams started working with a client 12 months ago, he rang us because he had received a letter from DVLA saying they had withdrawn his Group 1 and 2 driving entitlements due to some medical issues he had suffered. This meant he could no longer drive a car and he was also now banned from driving a coach which was his livelihood.

We explained that the process would initially involve liasing with the DVLA to see what the appeal process would entail, and would likely involve some form of medical testing.

The licences had been revoked following our client having a blackout whilst driving a coach full of children back from a school trip to France. Luckily the blackout occurred at low speed and the co-driver was able to get control of the coach meaning there was no crash and thankfully nobody was injured. Our client had been ill during the previous fortnight with food poisoning and on reflection considered that he was probably not fully recovered at the time of the accident.

Due to his role as a coach driver the Police were obliged to inform DVLA of his blackout, and as this was his second blackout in a short period of time (some weeks before he had fallen and knocked himself out) this gave the DVLA some cause for concern about his neurological condition and they revoked his driving entitlements as a matter of safety.

We spent several months gathering evidence that the two instances where our client had lost consciousness were connected to a single bout of food poisoning and were as such an isolated incident, there were no underlying medical conditions that had caused loss of consciousness and that he was fit to drive.

We obtained reports from our client’s GP, and the A&E units that attended to him during both incidents with details of the injuries, tests carried out and results of the tests. Then we had to arrange further medical tests with an independent Cardiologist and wait for the report to be provided to DVLA for consideration by the Medical Examiner.

The process took several months, during which time our client’s employer was fortunately very supportive and, confident that his licence would be returned to him, found him an office job whilst we were waiting for all the tests to be completed.

The results of all the tests carried out were sent to the DVLA where they were interrogated by their Medical Examiner, who determined that our client was indeed fit for driving duties and invited him to reapply for both the Group 1 and Group 2 entitlements at his convenience.

When we called our client to give him this amazing news he literally broke down and cried with relief and happiness, and we shed a little tear in the office too as we were so genuinely happy for him, we had taken every step of this journey with him and knew how much it meant to him to have his licence returned so he could get on with his life.

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