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We were delighted to receive this wonderful feedback recently from a client.

Details have been changed to protect the client’s identity.

Why did you decide to instruct Forrest Williams?

100% because of Julia Coffin who happened to pick up the phone when I called.

Sadly most other people that called me from other companies were seemingly merely salesmen. They told me what they thought I wanted to hear and they seemed to be about getting a pay cheque up front. Julia on the other hand empathised with my situation as a human being and
communicated far more efficiently. She asked all the pertinent questions in 15 minutes that other firms couldn’t even ask in 45 minutes. Not only did she provide human support but she was the ONLY lawyer to ask me
something along the lines of “tell me the truth… what else will the police
find… have you done this before?”

I really liked that. She was the only person interested in the truth and
that asked me the hard questions. Nobody else asked such questions, they were all only interested in being my buddy and getting my money.

In terms of money, most of the larger firms wanted a big pay day up
front. Julia said that the cost will depend on how the case progresses and that money would be asked for at stages according to how the case
progressed. She gave an educated guess as to how things may unfold but of course could not give certainty.

Forrest Williams were by far the most honest and best value for money.

I dread to think that if I hadn’t rang up Forrest Williams and Julia,
I would have ended up with just another law firm.

How would you describe the service you received throughout your case?


I couldn’t imagine going through the case with anyone else. Julia Coffin provided support, wisdom and comfort throughout. My whole family had an intense journey due to my stupidity and none of us had any experience with the criminal world before. Julia grounded us and was always there when we had any questions. During a period of fear and anxiety, she offered glimpses of hope.

I thought that Julia was one in a million but after having occasion to speak to Helen Newman on the phone and latterly liaising with Kirsty Moult via email, i have come to realise that maybe everyone at Forrest Williams is exceptional!

If you have a legal case and are looking for a team who can ask the hard questions while providing you with the support you need, give us a call on 01623 397200.

You're in safe hands. let us take the lead from here

You're in safe hands

Let us take the lead from here

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