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Totting Up Procedure Avoided For Speeding Client

Sarah came to us as person who held a clean licence. She had been driving for over ten years and had never had any speeding offences during this time.

Sarah needed our help because within the space of 6 days she had committed 5 speeding offences, four of which were on the same road!

Because she was now facing 5 speeding offences, she was looking at 15 points on her licence at a minimum, meaning that she would fall to be disqualified for 6 months under the totting up procedure.

The totting up procedure causes any person who reaches or exceeds 12 active penalty points on their licence to be disqualified from driving for a period of 6 months unless they can show grounds for Exceptional Hardship.

We explained to Sarah that the only way she could avoid this 6-month disqualification was to conduct an Exceptional Hardship Application. We spoke to Sarah about her case, and honestly, she didn’t have the strongest grounds.  We told her this because we are always honest with clients about their prospects of success.

However, Sarah, wanted to try everything she could to keep her licence, which we understood.

We worked with Sarah from this point and prepared her case as strong as we possibly could to try and make her Exceptional Hardship Application successful.

We arranged for Sarah to be represented by Steve Williams. Steve is considered an expert in this area of law so was the perfect person to represent her if she was to have a chance at winning her case.

Steve and Sarah went to Nottingham Magistrates Court ready for her hearing, expecting the worst but hoping for the best.

Steve contacted the office as soon as the result was in with the verdict…

Sarah was given a 28-day ban for each speeding offence, which were to run concurrently. Steve also managed to convince the court to only fine Sarah for two of the offences, so one fine for each separate camera.

With this result it meant that Sarah could not drive for 28 days, which she could manage without any real complications, and then after this she could carry on driving with a clean licence without any major worries.

If you need an honest lawyer to advise you on the totting up procedure, call our team now on 01623 397200.



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You're in safe hands

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