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Applying For Your Licence Back Early


Need your licence back early following a ban?  If you have been disqualified for 3 years or more you can apply to get your licence back early. You must wait for 2 years after you were banned, or half way through your ban, whichever is the longest.


How Can You Get Your Licence Back Early?


You have to make an application to the court where you were disqualified, they will then list a hearing. At that hearing you will have to persuade the court that they should give you your licence back early.  You will need to give evidence and you will be cross examined.

The police will be informed and may attend to object to the application.


How Can Forrest Williams Help?


We are a nationwide firm with a lot of experience in helping people get their licence back early. We have a very good success rate in this type of work, well over 90% of clients who we advise have valid grounds to apply for their licence back early have succeed.

If you instruct us to act on your behalf we will do all of the preparation for you, building a portfolio of supporting evidence to persuade the court to agree to return your licence back early.  Your dedicated case worker will take a full statement from you and advise you what additional evidence you will need to strengthen your application, then will work with you to ensure that this additional evidence is compiled ready for the hearing.

We will then attend court with you and speak on your behalf. We know what questions the court are likely to have and we make sure we cover all points, reducing the chances of the court needing to ask you any questions directly.

We know what makes a strong application and how to present it in the best possible way.

We work on a fixed fee basis with complete transparency about fees and you will never be charged until you agree that you want to instruct us.


We know you will want to discuss getting your licence back early with us.  Call us on 01623 397200 for a free and honest assessment of your chances of success.

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