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Having always had a keen interest in all things mathematical, Nigel enjoys his role as Accounts Manager so much that he is teased by other staff for being scrupulously careful with all functions relating to company income and expenditure.


In fact, Nigel is so focused on his job that he often skips lunch and hardly ever has a drink during working hours – habits that have led to him being fondly nicknamed ‘The Camel’.


When not at work, Nigel likes to meet up with other members of the local astronomy club and he enjoys encouraging an appreciation of the night sky in others when he gets the opportunity. Nigel was a committee member at the astronomy club for more than 2 years and has been a co-ordinator then assistant co-ordinator of the club’s popular night sky courses for the last 5 years. He is proud to have completed training in the operation of the main telescope, which is a bespoke 24 inch Newtonian.


Nigel enjoys travelling and he has recently toured the east and west coasts of America. His favourite place, of those he has visited, is New York – somewhere he said he would never go, as all of the TV programmes he’d seen gave the impression that it was a very violent place! As his last visit saw him soaked to the skin during a period of torrential rain, Nigel would love to return and take a walk (in the sunshine) through Central Park.


Nigel is married and at home he can often be found tackling ambitious DIY projects, much to his wife’s horror. That may sound unkind but she has her reasons. Nigel famously had bad luck while working on a farm in his younger days. He fell on his manager’s head from a great height and destroyed a barn – among other things.


Once, after a Tae Kwon Do class, Nigel discovered that his parked car had run down a hill and across a busy road before smashing into a shop’s display window. A problem with the handbrake, apparently!


Luckily, Nigel is much more careful with motoring matters now, which is just as well as Forrest Williams have several specialist areas, once of which is motoring law.

Quick fire questions

Favourite band / artist: Queen.

If I didn't work in law I would: Become an astronomer.

I laugh at: Corny jokes.

I'm scared of: Heights and spiral staircases.

Meet the rest of us

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Katie Forrest - Non-Solicitor Director

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You're in safe hands

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