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Charged With Drink Driving?  Our specialist team of drink driving lawyers can help.

Max came to us after he had been charged with Drink Driving.

Max had already been through this procedure before, 20 years prior, so knew that he would facing a disqualification of at least 12 months.

Max’s case was made more serious by the fact that he had been driving his work van, and had hit a motorbike and knocked the rider off which caused him to suffer injuries to his wrist.

Max had just finished work and was driving home. Max lived about 5 minutes away from the local pub. Max had a good relationship with the landlord and frequently brought duck eggs from him. On this date Max knew that they had ran out of eggs at home so thought he would stop in and pick some up. Whilst he was there, he had two pints of beer and then proceeded to drive the short distance home.

Max had stopped in the filter lane to turn right, and was waiting for the traffic to clear. A few cars had gone past, and then Max thought the road was clear for him to cross.

This is when the collision happened. The motorbike came out of nowhere and Max could not move out of the way quick enough to avoid the collision.

The rider instantly came off his bike. And Max’s van had seized up.

Max went straight over to check the rider was okay. At this point other drivers had stopped and were helping.

The police attended and arrested Max on suspicion of Drink Driving, where he was later charged with drink driving with a reading of 60 in breath.

We immediately secured the hearing in our senior solicitor, Steve Williams’ diary as Max needed the best representation possible.

We worked with Max from day one get all of the preparation ready for the hearing to try and mitigate for the most lenient sentence available.

The day of the court hearing came and Max met with Steve early and discussed his case.

They went into the court room and Max entered his plea of guilty, and then Steve started the mitigation on his behalf.

This is when the victim declared himself in court and stated that he had actually suffered from a fractured wrist because of this incident.

Max was looking at a disqualification of around 17- 22 months, and realistically it would be towards the latter end of these guidelines due to it being made more serious with the accident, and the victim’s injuries.

Max walked away with a disqualification of 18 months, and the offer of a place on the Drink Drive Rehabilitation Course, which once he completes it will reduce his disqualification to 13 months.

Max was very happy with the outcome, and thankful that he had sought help regarding his Drink Driving matter early on so he could go in with the strongest case possible.

If you have been charged with drink driving, call our specialist team now for expert advice on 01623 397200.

You're in safe hands. let us take the lead from here

You're in safe hands

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