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Failure to Notify Driver Charge Discontinued By CPS

As a result of expert liaison on her behalf by Steve Williams, Pamela was delighted this week when her case worker informed her that the Failure to Notify Driver’s Details charge against her had been discontinued by the CPS.

Pamela, who works as a musician and actress and travels extensively to appear in shows across the UK, made clear when she instructed us to act for her that she had not ignored the Notices of Intended Prosecution (NIPs) received but that her travelling lifestyle had meant the notices had gone unanswered. For instance, when travelling across the country with her most recent musical show, she was away from home for a period of 7 months.

Pamela accepted that she should have made arrangements for dealing with important post, and assured the court that she would put a mechanism in place for dealing with her post in future.

Pamela accepted the speeding offence on which the Failure to Notify Driver Details charge was based. She knew where and when this had happened and would not dispute that she probably was travelling at 39mph in a 30mph limit.

She wanted us to make clear to the court that had she been able to respond to the NIPs within the time limits, i.e. had she been at home at that time, then she would have done so. She knew that the speeding offence carried 3 points and a £100 fine and she was prepared to take these points and pay the fine to resolve the matter quickly.

Steve Williams was able to explain in a professional manner the specific reasons behind what would have appeared to be a refusal to comply with the police authority’s request for information. To be able to do this successfully takes confidence, skill and practice.

Following a period of liaison with the CPS, Steve received confirmation from the court that, in our client’s absence, the Magistrates had considered our correspondence and made a decision to impose 3 penalty points for the speeding offence and discontinue the charge of Failure to Notify Driver’s Details, as well as order that a fine and costs be paid to the court.

For Pamela, this means a much better outcome, as the more serious charge of Failure to Notify Driver Details carries 6 penalty points – double that of the speeding offence.

Pamela told our Steve Williams that she has learned a lesson from this, and will ensure that her paperwork is being dealt with in a timely manner – even during those times when she is not at home to do it herself.

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